Getting Landlords On Board With Your Agency

David Jemison

December 1, 2020

It’s tough out there. Agency fees are shrinking, competition is fierce and traditional marketing methods are being left in the dust. You need to be smarter in your marketing efforts. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the top ways to win portfolio landlords and keep your agency ahead of the competition.

Stand out from the crowd

Landlords won’t swap agencies for the same reason you won’t swap banks. It’s extra hassle, time consuming and each one looks the same as the next. And if they’re already happy with their existing setup, why would they need to come to you? This is why it’s so important that you differentiate your agency from the crowd in terms of your business and the value you provide.

It’s not about you

Many agencies seem to have the same marketing strategy – bragging. How many houses you’ve sold, how long you’ve been in the industry, how much bigger you are than other local agencies etc. To attract more interest in your agency you need to focus less on what you’ve done and more on what you can do for landlords.

What your agency can do

Here we show you how to effectively reach out to landlords and how to maintain a good online presence to show that you’re the right agency for them.

Speak their language

You need to create compelling content. They are interested in how much their house is worth so focus on producing content about house prices in their area. Not how many you’ve sold in that area.

Two questions that landlords have on top of mind:

  • How well are my current properties doing?
  • Where is the next one I want to buy?

Instead of talking about your agency, create compelling content that focuses around these two topics and you’ll seem much more interesting. For example:

  • Why have property values increased in location ‘X’ over the last 5 years whilst property values in nearby location ‘Y’ have decreased?
  • Latest developments in the area that effect local house prices.
  • Legislative measures that impact landlords.

If you haven’t already, start a blog and get posting useful content that landlords will want to keep coming back to. This also positions yourself as an industry leader and an authoritative source.

Build a VIP list

Invite new and existing landlords to a special VIP list where you can notify them as soon as any investment properties come in. Attract new sign-ups on your website by providing useful content as discussed above.

Get social

Landlords are obsessed with property value, and if they’re on social media, they’ll likely be following brands or agencies that provide useful content regarding their local property market. Set up your agency on social media and start building quality followers. If you post out relevant content, it won’t be long before you attract a decent audience and a list of connections.

Have a quality website

It’s all well and good creating high class content but if your website looks a mess, is difficult to use and was built in 1998, this could be turning potential leads away. A website builds trust and is a first point-of-call for many when checking out your services. Don’t deter any prospective landlords and make sure your site is top quality. Showcase your reviews, accreditations and a blog to feature that all important content discussed above.

Get reviews and accreditations

There are a lot of shady agents out there and you need to separate yourself from them as far as possible. Ensure you have up-to-date reviews and accreditations on your website to build trust and confidence in your agency. Post these out on social media, show them on Rightmove, Zoopla etc., and make it a process to collect reviews after successfully on-boarding a new landlord.

Follow up with existing landlords

Make contact on every renewal anniversary. Not only is it good customer service (which will get you far in recommendations), but you never know if they’ve picked up any extra houses in that time. Referrals still work very well so this might be a good opportunity to offer referral schemes.

Round up

Plenty of estate and lettings agents use marketing as a way to talk about themselves. Once you reposition your marketing to focus on the customer, your chances of attracting landlords are greatly increased.

If you would like any help implementing the marketing ideas above, please get in touch.

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