How an SSL Certificate can Secure More Instructions

David Jemison

August 1, 2020

For over a year now, Google has been pushing for a ‘safer web’ by encouraging all sites to switch to ‘HTTPS’, meaning that the data transmissions between your browser and a secure site are encrypted and can’t be eavesdropped.

Why is it important for you to implement secure browsing?

  • It enforces trust with your visitors and minimises any concerns that they may have in submitting their personal information to you
  • It helps protect you from the risks of customer data theft via your site
  • It can help improve your search engine positions, as Google now considers HTTPS as a positive ranking signal
  • It demonstrates that you are a forward-thinking agency that values your visitors privacy
  • It’s inexpensive

Traditionally, HTTPS was largely only used by e-commerce sites, as it helped protect their customers from having their credit card details stolen. However, the latest version of Google’s Chrome browser now shows a ‘not secure’ warning on any pages that ask for a password, such as login screens, and this will soon be rolled out to apply to all forms – including the standard contact forms that virtually every site has.

Don’t wait until your contact form enquiries start dropping off – implement an SSL certificate to provide your visitors with secure browsing ASAP, and help Google look favourably upon you in 2018!

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