How to Build a Trustworthy Agency with Online Reviews

David Jemison

July 1, 2020

The majority of people begin their buying journeys with a Google search. They scan the results looking for a reason to click. And as simple as it sounds, if your business has more/better reviews than your competitors, there’s a good chance you’ll be the one that they are drawn to first.

Reviews are about more than just commanding attention in search though. Good customer reviews boost confidence in your agency. When a real person backs up the claims you’ve made on your website about your amazing service, it has a much bigger impact then when you say it yourself.

And by gaining a steady flow of online customer reviews about your agency’s great service, you’ll also be increasing Google’s confidence in your brand, which will naturally lead to a positive increase to your search engine rankings.

Why not have a think about how you can encourage your customers to leave you a review?  If you make it an integral part of your workflow then it will be easy, and the results will do wonders for helping generate new instructions.

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