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David Jemison

October 1, 2020

Let’s face it. It’s tough out there in the agency world. The rapid rise of online agents, local competition slashing their fees and new agencies popping up every week. But just a few tweaks to your marketing strategy could generate the leads you’ve been waiting for. We’ve put together these helpful tips to market your agency in the right way to attract those all important instructions.

Stand out from the noise

Most agents will offer similar services but many of these lack personality and compete on nothing but price. What is it about your estate agency that makes you so different?  Your brand needs to communicate your values effectively and be exciting enough to resonate with your audience. Do this well to capture attention and cut through the crowd.

Focus on your audience

Many agencies have the same marketing message strategy. You brag about yourselves, how many houses you’ve sold, how long you’ve been in the industry, how much bigger you are than other local agencies etc.

Instead, focus on the benefits to the seller who are only concerned with how much their house is worth and getting it on the market. Look at the examples below:

  • Your house will sell quickly as it will be promoted over our 5 local branches.
  • You’ll receive more accurate quotes because of our 50-year knowledge of the local property market.

This is much more attractive to potential instructions as it discusses their house and their sale.

Content marketing

Sellers are interested in how much their house is worth and how they can sell it. They want to hear about their local property market, and local developments that affect it. By providing content around this subject, you will quickly become an authoritative source and seen as an industry leader.

Get into blogging

You know who your audience is and what they’re interested in so start talking to them via a blog. This is a great way to connect with your potential sellers, positioning you as an expert in the field and putting you in the forefront of people’s minds when they consider selling.

Always provide content that’s useful to the seller. Here’s a few examples to think about below:

  • Feature news on local developments that will affect local house prices.
  • Compare different areas of local housing estates and discuss why prices have increased or decreased in that area.
  • Discuss the local school and do a report on the property area around the school.

Pro tip: Use graphs to show figures as this increases engagement.

Don’t neglect current listings

After attracting sellers, don’t put them off with sub-standard listings. If they aren’t happy with the way your agency presents properties, why would they choose you to sell their home?

Blurry smartphone shots and including only two pictures is frustrating to potential buyers, looks unprofessional, and raises questions about your ability to present a property. A list of property features is standard but an exceptional agency will also provide engaging descriptions to further encourage viewings.

Final thoughts

As a leading agency, you need to be speaking the right language and providing content that focuses on a seller’s need to generate interest. Nearly all Estate agents follow the same marketing pattern of bragging about themselves. Put the attention on the seller and you’ll rise above the competition.

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