Why Estate Agents Need Live Chat on their Website

David Jemison

September 1, 2020

What are the benefits?

  • It encourages your visitors to make contact with an easy and non-intrusive option
  • It allows you to instantly respond to your visitors’ enquiries
  • It will help you build a knowledge base of common questions and answers
  • It lets your staff multi-task and answer multiple enquiries simultaneously
  • It reduces the time you spend on the phone or responding by email to simple enquiries
  • It’s inexpensive and very cost-effective

Live Chat doesn’t require you to have any additional resources – anyone in the office sitting at a computer can respond to messages. And if nobody’s available, you can either hide the chat box, or have it take a message to be emailed to you.

Recent reports have shown that consumers actually prefer to use Live Chat over phone or email, and AI ‘bots’ can even be programmed to understand and respond to common queries on your behalf!

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